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We Sell Food Vouchers


The Clean Water Restaurant vouchers are great value for all parties involved, the restaurants, Greenwave and most of all our customers!


We are now offering a purchasing option for all our vouchers, ideal for dates and gatherings.


Purchasing vouchers is a fantastic deal for customers: get up to 50% discount for a full value!

Please scan our mini-program for the full list of restaurants using vouchers, and the price of each voucher if you want to purchase them.

50+ Events joined every year

Implementing such a project requires exposure, and what better way than joining events? Meeting new people and sharing with them the idea behind CWR is the best way to get their attention!

Important Vouchers Policies

  • If the vouchers have a validity of above 3 months, you can return them within 2 weeks after obtaining them. If the validity period is of less than 3 months, neither return nor exchange will be possible.


  • Digital cash vouchers will not be restricted by quantity or time in the objective restaurant. They can be used for A La Carte menu items or for buffets. The user of the voucher cannot redeem it into cash and receive change in case the voucher value exceeds the due amount to pay. If you are facing any restriction in use, please notify Greenwave so we can take measures to avoid it for happening.


  • Depending on the way you get vouchers, it may take a longer amount for us to send them to you. For example, if you get vouchers as prizes in Lucky Draw, we will require a 1 week delay after the results.


  • Moreover, in order to improve the using rate and experience of vouchers, as well as to increase the value of cash vouchers and facilitate the verification of restaurants, we have replaced the original ¥100 food vouchers with a larger face value for a certain amount of venues, related to the popularity and demand of the restaurant.

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