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The Beef & Liberty team’s dedication to quality ingredients and ethical sourcing has earned their Shanghai Centre venue a coveted spot as a Michelin recommended restaurant for 8 years, solidifying their reputation as a staple in the Shanghai burger landscape.

Focusing on taste, ingredients and cooking methods, rather than fancy presentations, they put food as the attraction of the plate. Beef is of course the main attraction of the brand, with expertly prepared meat cuts and delicious burgers!

Beef & Liberty

¥300.00 Regular Price
¥210.00Sale Price

    📍 Beef & Liberty SHANGHAI CENTRE 尚牛社会 (上海商城店)

    111, No.1376, Shanghai Centre, West Nanjing Road, Jingan


    Phone: 021 6289 5733


    📍 Beef & Liberty KERRY PARKSIDE尚牛社会 (浦东嘉里店)

    L137B, No.1155 Pudong Kerry Parkside, Fangdian Road, Pudong New Area


    Phone: 021 5042 9086


    ​​​​​​​📍 Beef & Liberty EKA TIANWU尚牛社会 (金桥EKA天物店)

    112/113, No.13 Building, No.535 Jinqiao Road, Pudong New Area


    Phone: 021 5020 8852

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