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Judging from the name alone you know what this restaurant is all about. This is a cozy, modestly sized restaurant that hosts a variety of craft beers and offers some simple foods to go with the drink. There is a patio for those who want to enjoy their drink in the ambiance of the outdoors.

Bites & Brews

  • Hours: Noon - 10AM-10PM
    Price Range: 40-175RMB per person



    📍 999 Wuding Lu,near Jiaozhou Lu

    武定路999号, 近胶州路

    Phone: 15102167281


    📍 LG1-017, 1192 Century Avenue


    Phone: 15316304231


    📍 L1-14, Baiyulan Square, 501 Dongdaming Rd


    Phone: 15921124453