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Great spot for brunch: their Flatwhite Big Breakfast is the ideal option for powering through hot summer days, with a carefully selected list of ingredients, from streaky bacon to any style of eggs.


Have a try at their smooth and rich Caffee Latte made with fresh coffee beans roasted in their own coffee factory with imported milk, and finish the tasty meal with their Avocado Lassie, a smoothie ready to lift your mood for the perfect day!

Cafe Flatwhite

¥300.00 Regular Price
¥195.00Sale Price

    📍Cafe Flatwhite 新西兰餐厅(建外店)

    JG07-F101A, 1st Floor, Building 13, Jianguomenwai Diplomatic Apartment, No.1 Xiushui Street, Chaoyang District


    Phone: 010-85326775


    📍Cafe Flatwhite 新西兰餐厅(751)

    751D.PARK Beijing Fashion Design Plaza


    Phone: 010-64322798


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