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Housetop NO.9 Bar is a casual, comfortable and modern music bar.
Also with window seats and comfortable platforms. It can hold various business and annual events, the buffet reception, the high-end dinner party. Indoor capacity can accommodate up to 50 people at the same time. The style is mainly modern and concise, and the main color is white.

During the day, coffee, afternoon tea and dessert are mainly served, it’s quiet and comfortable. At night, it turns into a little romantic bar. With popular music and jazz , very peaceful. It’s a good place for friends getting together to enjoy, a glass of whiskey, or cocktail, a cigar and a piece of sweet snack, you can tell your own little story.

HouseTop No.9

¥300.00 Regular Price
¥150.00Sale Price

    📍Jianwai Soho East 9 Villa 3


    Phone: 137 1798 8502

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