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Q Mex is a Mexican styled cantina with a cozy atmosphere boasting both authentic modern and traditional Mexican food styles. They also offer a vegetarian menu and have great margaritas! It’s the place to go if you’re feeling up to some authentic Mexican – and they have weekly specials and activities.

Q-Mex Bar & Grill

¥300.00 Regular Price
¥195.00Sale Price

    📍 QMEX  Bar & Gril (双井店)

    No. 06, 1st Floor, Space3 Mall, Lecheng Center, Middle East Third Ring Road


    Phone: 010-8770 0668


    📍QMEX  Bar & Gril (三里屯店)

    Room H01, 1st Floor, Building 80, No.4 North Workers Stadium Road


    Phone: 010-6585 3828


    📍QMEX  Bar & Gril (中骏世界城店)

    2116, Block E, CBD, ShiJieCheng The Place


    Phone: 010-6500 8220


    📍QMEX  Bar & Gril (新源里店)

    Room 106, first floor, Jinshang, 20 Xinyuanli West


    Phone: 010-8435-3601


    📍QMEX  Bar & Gril (蓝色港湾店

    L1A132, building 16, Yard 6, Chaoyang Park Road


    Phone: 010-8794 5165

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