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Why should restaurants join this program?


The following is a series of facts regarding the drinking water solutions for quality restaurants.


  • Save Money: to comply with government policies, restaurants have to install water purifier filters for ice and coffee machines. Even if they are using simple filters such as Everpure or 3M, the cost of installation and maintenance is higher than using Greenwave filters. When using Greenwave filters, the water is purified for the whole restaurant, not only partially for certain areas.


  • High Quality Purified Water: instead of using low-cost, simple filters, Greenwave uses Reverse Osmosis System which removes virtually all pollutants including viruses and heavy metals from the tap water. This method ensures that the water is clean and safe; the purified water tastes good without after-taste or chemical smell. There are no sediments for icemakers and coffee machines; thus, these equipments may last longer as well.

  • Easy Maintenance: all services are planned ahead based on a careful schedule. Regular reminders and indoor filter changes are carried out in a timely manner. For emergencies, the Greenwave team is committed to arrive within 3 hours of first contact.

  • Limited Space Requirement: the restaurants will only need to save space for the machine set up and can better utilize the real estate space that was previously used for bottle storage.


  • Environmentally Friendly: no more plastic bottles are required for the water storage and service.

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