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You deserve
cleaner water and healthier food when
dining out!

Cleaner water everywhere


Clean Water Restaurant (CWR) stands for venues around China using only purified drinking water for all their food and beverage production.

When visiting a CWR venue, the consumers are assured that the water is purified and doesn’t contain toxic ingredients. 

Greenwave ensures that all CWRs are serviced regularly and the water used in the venues is up to the highest standards of clean water, such as the FDA's (Food and Drugs Administration).

Using purified drinking water for...

clean dishes
clean drinks
clean coffee
clean ice

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CWR vouchers.jpg

A brand new concept

It will bring more trust over water and foods served. Both restaurants investing for higher quality water and families concerned about the water and food safety will benefit from it.

Your attention and support will help!

Behind the scenes

According to experts, you can’t live in China and expect clean drinking water without a reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis technology based systems is the only in depth fix for heavy metals and other nasty impurities. We use such for all our families and clients.

Stage 1

PP fiber

Removes dirt, rust, and sand

Stage 2

Granular activated carbon

Removes smells  and pesticides

Stage 3

Sintered activated carbon

Removes most organic substances

Stage 4

Reverse osmosis membrane

Removes all organic impurities, dissolves solids and heavy metals to create pure water

Stage 5

Post activated carbon

Removes weird smells and improves the taste

reverse osmosis technology

Why is purified drinking water better?

Purified drinking water is simply better than any other alternative. Both in taste, smell and quality, it is a huge improvement from simply filtered or bottled water. 


A simple measurement of water quality is total dissolved solids (TDS), measured in mg/L, where the lowest valve indicates the cleanness for the water used.

tds shanghai

Become a Clean Water Restaurant


What we do will not just help you get a new sticker for your business with CWR.

For higher quality purified drinking water solution,

you don’t necessarily need to pay more, while you will: 


-> Save over 30% of your spending if you are using bottled water for drinking and simple filters for making ice and coffee.


-> Gain a healthier brand image.


-> Reduce daily logistic hassle related to water supply.


-> Get more exposure within thousands of family clients and thus more potential business.

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cwr door sticker
Door Sticker

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