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For Families

With the membership, families would not just get to know the basic information related to CWRs through our website and wechat.

In fact, they would also obtain the CWR directory, covering all the restaurants members, while getting some special services thanks to the Greenwave VIP card.

Bringing the VIP card to those restaurants would guarantee some privileged deals

and special offers.

For Restaurants


What we do will not just help you get a new sticker for your business with CWR.

For higher quality purified drinking water solution,

you don’t necessarily need to pay more, while you will: 


-> Save over 30% of your spending if you are using bottled water for drinking and simple filters for making ice and coffee.


-> Gain a healthier brand image.


-> Reduce daily logistic hassle related to water supply.


-> Get more exposure within thousands of family clients and thus more potential business.

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