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We listened to families' concerns

With our years of experience in supplying water solutions for personal use only, we realized that there is a high demand for water purification needs outside our customers' homes.

Challenges can be overcome


We understand the challenges of using purified water in restaurants such as limited space, high volume of water usage and most of all higher cost. All of these can hold up the way for the managers or owners to use cleaner water. Based on our years of experience, we upgrade and make custom RO systems with smaller size, enlarged pipes, bigger taps, as well as selected electrical gadgets. 


Through the Clean Water Restaurant Program, we strive to establish an array of Food and Beverage venues around China offering safe and clean water to their customers. The CWR badge certifies that the water quality is regularly checked and the standards are maintained to the highest standards. Besides, our regular and urgent service covering major cities in mainland China is the necessary support relieving restaurants from any concerns with water, product or service.

50+ Events joined every year

Implementing such a project requires exposure, and what better way than joining events? Meeting new people and sharing with them the idea behind CWR is the best way to get their attention!

Greenwave water solutions


At Greenwave we are specialized in water filtration and we have helped thousands of families with their drinking water, shower water, laundry water requirements year after year.

Besides bringing healthy water to as many families as possible, it’s also our responsibility to support restaurants, offices and other venues around China to use purified drinking water for all needs such as food and beverages, ice production and coffee.


In the future, hopefully most venues will recognize the importance of purified water usage and we won’t have anything to worry about when dinning outside our homes. 

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