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Dubujib lets you experience a different Korean cuisine. The most spirited Korean bean curd restaurant in Beijing, they also offer the most authentic Korean flavor of the dishes. High-quality ingredients in the stone pot are perfectly presented with “Sizzling sound”, with a strong soy bean curd soup and secret sauce marinated Korean Barbecue with rich taste. A variety of exquisite snack association, as well as the fresh and elegant dining environment, brings you the dual enjoyment of visual and taste.


¥200.00 Regular Price
¥100.00Sale Price

    📍 dubujib 豆腐家 金地广场

    L303-L305, Floor 3,Gemdale Plaza, Building7, Courtyard91,Jianguo Road

    朝阳区建国路91号院7号楼金地广场商城3层 L303、L305单元

    Phone: 180 3189 5105


    📍 dubujib 豆腐家 乐成店

    131-120 inside-0101, Basement1, Space3 Yuecheng Center, Building 22, Dongsanhuanzhonglu


    Phone: 166 3433 3126


    📍 dubujib 豆腐家 现代汽车大厦店

    Basement 1, Hyundai Motor Building, Maizidian Street, Chaoyang District


    Phone: 183 1146 3199

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