ENTROPY, a new concept of Champagne Café, has been unveiled in Grand Gateway 66. Located amid the north and south wings of the mall, ENTROPY perfectly interprets the lifestyle of "in between". The space offers a welcoming atmosphere with approachable drink offerings that encourage indulgence. Throughout the day, guests enjoy a cup of specialty coffee, relax over a classy drink, or rendezvous with family and friends over an elegant glass of champagne and playful bites.


ENTROPY,一个新概念的香槟咖啡馆,已经在港汇恒隆揭幕 。位于商场南北两翼之间的 ENTROPY完美诠释了“中间”的生活方式。这个空间有着亲切的氛围和各式饮品奉上,鼓励人们充分沉浸在享受之中。一整天,客人可以享受一杯精品咖啡,在高级饮料中放松身心,或与家人朋友在一杯优雅的香槟和精致的小食中愉快地聚会。


  • Type: Coffee & Wine



    📍 2F,Grand Gateway 66,1 Hongqiao Road


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