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Fatt Panda now has an array of locations all around the city. If you are looking for an entire hotpot experience in Shanghai, Fat Panda offers some of the spiciest and most delicious hotpot you can try in the city.

Featuring giant inflatable pandas, dance music and low lighting, the atmosphere of this restaurant makes for an entire experience, and is made even better with yummy food!

Don’t forget to try the delicious homegrown mushrooms, and snap a selfie with the panda.

Fatt Panda

¥200.00 Regular Price
¥120.00Sale Price

    📍 Fatt Panda 熊猫老灶 1731洋房店

    No.1731 Huashan Rd, Changning District


    Phone: 52706377


    📍 Fatt Panda 熊猫老灶 中庚漫游城店

    L419, floor 4, No.1-6, Lane 99, South Wanyuan Road, Minhang District


    Phone: 34687531


    📍 Fatt Panda 熊猫老灶 白玉兰广场店         

    No.588 East Dongchangzhi Road. 2F.L2-11 SINAR MAS PLAZA


    Phone: 021-5561 0133 

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