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Jamaica Blue is a very popular brand among coffee lovers in Beijing: with coffee beans sourced from around the world and roasted in Melbourne, they have a variety of choices that will delight all coffee enthusiasts! From Blue Mountain long black to house blend option, we are sure you will find your ideal choice! They also have some delicious food available, all prepared with clean water.

Jamaica Blue

¥200.00 Regular Price
¥140.00Sale Price

    📍 Jamaica Blue (朝阳公园店)

    No. 4-3, 1st Floor, Park Avenue Life Plaza, Tianshuiyuan East Street


    Phone: 010-8587 4568


    📍 Jamaica Blue (顺义店)

    No. 1, District 2, Wenyu Manor, Xinyuan 5th Road, Houshayu Town


    Phone: 010-8041 3301


    📍 Jamaica Blue (新城国际店)

    Shop 107, Building 16, Phase B, Xincheng International Apartment, No. 6 Chaoyangmenwai Street


    Phone: 010-6533 6556


    📍 Jamaica Blue (香江花园店)

    Lobby, 1st Floor, Xiangjiang Garden Club, No. 1 Chaoyang North Road


    Phone: 010-8450 6596


    📍 Jamaica Blue (中央广场店)

    A7-7, Junhao Central Park Plaza, No. 10, Chaoyang Park South Road


    Phone: 010-6506 4100


    📍 Jamaica Blue (环球中心店)

    1st Floor, West Tower, World Financial Center, Jintong East Road


    Phone: 010-5981 7889


    📍 Jamaica Blue (裕京花园店)

    1st Floor, Yujing Garden Club, Yuyang Road


    Phone: 010-8041 4550

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