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The perfect mix of Mediterranean flavours, with French, Spanish and Italian influences from cooking to interior design, La Platea is similar in feel to the popular food halls of Europe. With its simple menu of tapas, cold cuts, pasta and mini-pizzas, it brings all the spirit of Southern Europe to Beijing!


有着地中海风味的完美结合,从烹饪到室内设计都受到法国、西班牙和意大利元素的影响,LA PLATEA在感觉上与欧洲流行的美食厅非常相似。简单的小吃、冷切、意大利面和迷你披萨,将所有南欧风情都带到了北京!

La Platea

  • Phone: 18612697911



    📍 The Place Trends Tower F1 North Street N4 Menpang, Chaoyang金桐西路世贸天阶时尚大厦一层(世界城停车场入口旁)