Larry the Bird, inspired by 80's lifestyle, high energy fast-food eateries and basketball legend Larry Bird. Combining bold design elements and a groovy music selection, experience the old school golden age vibes of the 70s, 80s and 90s once again.


Larry the Bird,其灵感来源于欧美八零年代的生活方式、高能量快餐店以及大名鼎鼎的NBA前王牌球员拉里·伯德。整体设计风格结合了前卫大胆的元素,搭配怀旧老唱片音乐精选,复古而又动感,唤醒大家对70、80及90黄金年代的美好回忆。

Larry The Bird

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    📍 Sanlitun Taikoo Li west entrance, Chaoyang DistrictYa Xiu East Rd, Next to Burger King