Saigon Mama brings the authentic Vietnamese flavor to you here in Shanghai. They are best known for their pho, but also serve delicacies such as banh mi and egg rolls with a great house chili sauce. Come enjoy the airy environment and cozy décor inspired by Vietnamese elements. This restaurant is vegetarian friendly.

Saigon Mama

  • Hours: 10AM-10PM

    Price Range: 42-126RMB per person



    📍 Saigon Mama Puji Lu store

    Rm101 Wanyou Mart, 35 Puji Rd., Jing’an



    📍 Saigon Mama Shanghai Center store

    Rm113, 1376 West Nanjing Rd, Jing’an(entrance of the parking lot of east tower)


    Phone: 6289 0522


    📍 Saigon Mama Laoximen store

    P2., west part of ground floor, 569 West Xizang Rd, Huangpu




    📍 Saigon Mama Jiuguang store

    B1, Jiuguang market, Jing’an temple, Jing’an

    上海市静安区南京西路久光百货B1F DB29-3

    Phone: 52991786


    📍 Saigon Mama Riyueguang store

    B2, Taikang part of Riyueguang square, 618 Xujiahui Rd, Huangpu


    Phone: 3159 3305


    📍 Saigon Mama Kerry Center store

    F1, Pudong Kerry Center, 1378 Huamu Rd, Pudong


    Phone: 58373011


    📍 Saigon Mama Ganghui store

    Store 537, phase 2 of Hang Lung Plaza, 1 Hongqiao Rd, Xuhui


    Phone: 6422 8986


    📍 Saigon Mama Zhangyang store

    Rm 1-21, 2389 Zhangyang Rd, Pudong


    Phone: 61170388